First step,
Spray Seely on your
wrinkled clothes.


Second step,
Help Seely release the wrinkles
by tugging the clothes.


Third Step,
Smooth the article with your hands to
release all wrinkles completely.


Seely releases wrinkles in all types of clothing and home textile products quickly and practically with its unique formula.

Additionally, it helps to release wrinkles in items which are hard to iron.

Seely, which is a totally healthy product does not cause any damage or stains on clothing. It makes them smell like freshly washed and leaves the scent of spring.

Seely is essential IRONING WITHOUT AN IRON which simplifies your life.



For most of the people; including housewives, students, working people and single people, ironing is a time-wasting and troublesome activity.

We are living in the day and age where people want to live FAST. Therefore, they look for simple and practical solutions in their lives. Seely easily releases wrinkles and makes your clothing ready for wear with its unique formula. Because of its simple use, Seely is the new helper of housewives.

Seely which works better on cotton, can be used on home textile products also such as curtains or tablecloths.

Seely always with you on your travels…

Wrinkled clothes are an important problem for people who travel a lot. For this reason, people carry ineffectual, small irons or they need to use hotel ironing services. Seely with its travel size is an alternative solution to this problem. Ironing a wide width home textile products like curtains or sheets is difficult and non-practical. Seely is the new helper of housewives.

Seely is the only product in around which simply replaces the need of ironing. Therefore, no competitor on the market exists. So we present Seely to this market as a helper and to use in place of the iron.

Maybe we can’t promise to give you a perfectly ironed shirt,
but we can promise that we will make your life easier.

Areas of Usage

Seely can be used on all types of fabric. Other than clothes, it can be used on home textile products
like curtains, sheets and tablecloths. In particular shows a very good effect on cotton products.

Meet the Seely

You can make your life easier with Seely! Just click the Buy!
And enjoy the Ironing Without Iron!



Henry Seely was born on July 2, 1854 in Kentucky. He used electricity for the first time to heat up the face of the iron in 1882 and 6 years later in 1888 he invented the first electric iron which became an inspiration for the irons that we use today.

The iron was heated up by an electric wheel. The working principle was similar to the principle of modern clothing irons. The iron needed to be plugged in and heated up, and then unplugged and used. Nevertheless, the iron was a quite expensive and a perishable device. At this time electricity was not commonly used and had a low sales rate, therefore the iron didn’t achieved commercial success.

Henry Seely was witness to most of Edison’s patents which also included the electric lamp in 1881. Furthermore, in the early 1880’s more than 100 patents were created by Henry Seely. Henry Seely who passed away on November 9, 1908, possibly didn’t recognize how important the device that he invented was for humankind.

Introducing our new product named SEELY as it gives honor to Henry Seely’s name with the slogan of IRONING WITHOUT AN IRON!


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